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   Our sales, operations and administrative staff work together to ensure you receive the best customer service possible.
   Please feel free to contact any of our staff to help you at any time.
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Name Position Ext. Email
Amanda Buckland  Sales Manager  313 
Amy Ortiz  Operations Manager/Human Resource  329 
Andy Pagan  General Manager  314 
Angela McCauley  Sales Manager  346 
Bianca Davila  Sales Representative  345 
Bruce Kalen  Senior Sales Manager/Plant Dept Buyer  304 
Carolyn Crawford Bush  Supply/Hardgood Department Coordinator 
Chris Shaffer  Supply/Hardgood Department Manager  320 
Cole Heinritz  Supply/Hardgood Department Sales Manager  321 
David Bassin  Sales Manager  324 
David Powers  Marketing/Sales Manager  328 
Dmitry Peysakhov  Webmaster 
Erin Weigand  Supply/Hardgood Department Sales Manager  339 
Evan Katzman  Sales Manager  315 
Felix Sabala  Dispatch  342 
Hailay Atsebeha  Assistant Buyer  330 
Iba Diop  Sales Manager  316 
Jeff King  Public Relations/Sales Team Manager  325 
Jeffery Serafini  Purchasing Manager  312 
Jorden Amige  Owner/Chief Buyer  300 
Joy Lott  Regional Sales Manager 
Juan Cortes  Warehouse Manager  310 
Lucie Smith  Sales Manager  331 
Marvin Gutierrez  Sales Representative  323 
Mustafa Ali  Accounts Payable Manager  322 
Natallia Lebedz  Supply Dept/Integrated Media Manager  326 
Randall Franklin  Sales Manager/Special Events Coordinator  308 
Robin Neuman  Sales Manager  319 
Schachar Sarig  Cut-Flower Buyer  303 
Tony Chapman  Sales Manager  307 
Tsur (Jacob) Reiss  Owner/Chief Executive Officer  302 
Veronica Saravia  Sales Representative  318 

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